The Weasleys and Potters (and Teddy) had family reunions monthly. Soon, the Scamanders joined in, then the Longbottoms and,after Albus and Rose’s first year, Scorpius. Not his whole family, just him. He got along surprisingly well with Ron

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The next generation kids’ boggarts


James: He himself as an evil wizard like Voldemort

Albus:  his dead family

Lily: a basilisk

Molly: an evil clown

Lucy: She herself as a lonely poor beggar

Fred: a person with black holes instead of eyes, nose and mouth

Roxanne: herself being debilitated

Victoire: Teddy’s dead body

Dominique: her family being happier without her

Louis: a banshee

Rose: a third wizard war

Hugo: an acrumantula

"…Victoire seems to be attracted to any dark corner where Master Lupin happens to be lurking."

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When Victoire failed on her exams of sixth year and repeated the grade Teddy started working on Hogwarts like a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher to help her. The practically were kissing more than studying, but she finally finished and passed her exams and become a healer while she wrote as a hobby

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one of the best moments in television history 

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i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

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why do i only get motivated to do homework for 2 seconds at a time

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do u ever put on a shirt and look in the mirror and go

"no. this does not represent the full potential of my boobs"

Yes. And sometimes “no.This is far too much potential. I don’t want my boobs to outshine me.”

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  • Gf: babe come over
  • Me: I'm eating garlic bread
  • Gf: I'm horny and my parents aren't home
  • Me: it's the kind that's covered in cheese



it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis


like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat

they’re not for you… they’re for ME


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my mum just told me to “stop being so depressed all the time”


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